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Date 2018-03-03 18:34:47

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Name Donald
Date 2017-07-14 20:50:12

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Name Eldonj
Date 2005-10-16 20:25:13

To those looking for materials, you need to check out the section "Free Master Course" on the main site. There is an e-mail address there you can obtain information.

Name casey
Date 2005-10-05 08:18:52

I also wanted to say I found it a profound recognition of spirituality itself thank you for writing.

Name denali
Date 2005-09-09 07:15:35

I would have signed you're guestbook awhile back if I had know the "here" would light up.
Probably others also.Or maybe it's just us americanos

Name denali
Date 2005-09-06 08:53:58

I just want to thank you for you long efforts to stand up and make people aware of the realities of avatar. Your voice was important to me thank you and bless you. K

Name Terri Lederele
Date 2005-09-05 16:10:30

In 2002 I happened upon this cult
and was invited to a Resurfacing
"playshop". It didn't take long
to see the heavyhanded manipulation
to get you to take their course.
They had all too obvious "plants"
in the
audience to ask all the right
questions. Avatar had the
unmistakable smell of a cult.

Name Eldon Barun
Date 2005-08-26 15:12:31

I just received an e-mail from the address of Penny Phillips, the Star's Edge house monkey, labeled "from Harry" stating that he has an MS degree in education with a major in educational psychology. It implies that other people have mistakenly called him an educational psychologist in those interviews he wrote, and that somehow that fake, illegal title just spread all over the Internet to more than 2,000 web pages without his knowledge to encourage his licensed practitioners to practice unlicensed health care worldwide.

What an interesting creation.

Name Eldon Braun
Date 2005-08-22 11:29:14

A request: Does anyone have info on when Harry Palmer invented his bogus "psychologist" title? I found an article in a 1991 where he claimed to have an MA degree in psychology (which is untrue; he has an MS in education). But at that time, he wasn't yet claiming to be a licensed health care professional. I guess he may have awarded himself the fake license sometime in the mid-1990s but I haven't been able to pin down the exact year. So if you remember the first time you heard this or saw it printed, that would be helpful.

Name Tiros
Date 2005-08-19 20:12:52

We look forward to this cult being
banned on Greek soil.

This website gives an accurate picture of one of the dumber cults.

Name Vlad Plinka
Date 2005-08-01 22:27:22


Thank you for exposing the cults mind control elements and excessive guru worship. It sickening to think they can get away with mind control in the USA. Hopefully your website will bring enough heat to end their mindgames.

Name Eldon Braun
Date 2005-06-02 23:38:59

Hi Tom.

Nice to see you "resurfacing" here. I will ask you and some of the other Elmira folks by e-mail, but I wanted to make this question public as well:

Do you know when Harry Palmer started referring to himself as an "educational psychologist"? I don't recall that he used the title during his lectures in 1987 when he was pitching Avatar as a breakrhrough rundown to former Scientologists, but maybe he did around the mission. I would like to narrow down the timeframe so I can include it in the book-length "Wizard of Orlando."

As it turns out, he has never had any kind of credential as a psychologist, which is a regulated, licensed health care profession just like "dentist" or "medical doctor." A couple of Avatar Masters who were recently notified of his misrepresentation said they don't care what the law is.

But the regulatory authorities do care, because it's a felony.

Best, Eldon

Name Jani Thompson
Date 2005-05-24 16:23:06


My son and daughter-in-law got involved in this cult for several months. They nagged me into taking the course. What a complete waste of $2300. Read the free Avatar courses emailed from here. That should disuade you from going further.

Name Heinrich Spaar
Date 2005-05-02 20:37:37

Keep up the good work exposing this cult.

We await Braun's Source Course which will further hammer the cult's ability to pimp there's.

Posting the Source Course would render the cult's copyright suit useless and give people a superior course.

A word file or pdf file would be great. It's work.
Notice what Operation Clambake was able to do to $cientology by going the extra mile.

Heinrich Spaar

Name Mareike
Date 2005-04-20 17:18:27

Prachtige website. Echt cool !

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